Development of design concept and development of drawings for bespoke furniture and coordination with the respective fabricators.

Sometimes the best option for a bespoke interior design is bespoke furniture. Bespoke refers to the custom cutting, machining and shaping of wood. This can mean anything from furniture to doors and moldings and trims.

Bespoke millwork offers design benefits since we can design the same item in different styles -like traditional, modern, mid-century modern and or contemporary. This provides more control over the design instead of shopping for a ready-made product in the desired style(s).

Bespoke millwork can be extremely cost-effective while it adds a personalized touch to a space.

We coordinate with our production facility and project manage all of the stages from sourcing to installation.

For more information regarding our bespoke millwork designs and coordination services or any other element of our pre-planning phase, contact us by email or at (818) 766-2376.