I am writing to express my work experience with MI Design over the past six years. MI Design, exudes with the utmost professional manner, continuous communication, exquisite style with design and furniture selections, is timely, on the mark with their clients budget constraints and their business modus operand is impeccable.Within MI Design, I have worked directly with Lamia Maalouf on several commercial office furniture accounts, specifically the new headquarters building for Univision (www.univision.com) and three floors of office furniture for Kopelson Entertainment in Los Angeles (www.kopelson.com) two extremely successful projects. My experience with Lamia is that she listens to her clients needs, articulate in every detail and works extremely well with design, color, all furniture requirements, space planning and clients budgets. MI Design projects are articulately run and tightly managed with hands on approach. I would be happy to recommend MI Designs to anyone who is interested in their special services and talents.

– Deborah Thurm

This letter will evaluate the work of MI design on two residential projects that the firm completed for me. On foreign assignment during the execution of both projects, my principle communication with the firm was by email, and it worked well. Plans and photos were submitted in a timely manner and my comments noted. To me MI Design’s completing projects successfully whilst working with their client in this way indicates their high attention to detail, complete professionalism and utter trustworthiness. MI Design thus took full responsibility for obtaining permits and approvals by government inspectors as well as on-site project management. In some cases they did not choose suppliers but still obtained the desired quality of work. Working with them was also reassuring because of their competency in the engineering and architectural sciences that underlie interior design. One project included extensive changes to the structure such as moving interior walls, relocating plumbing and fireplaces, enlarging and redesigning windows. The desired results were obtained because MI Design knew where to call for what level of structural amelioration and did not undertake design changes until it was completed. Concerning interior design, for me the most striking benefit was the intense focus on quality in every detail. The design recommendations, refined and clever, were highly successful in meeting my European standards but became brilliant because of flawless execution. Obtaining the flawless execution meant ensuring suppliers delivered exactly what they promised, even if several returns were required. I have already placed MI Design under contract for my next project. This community is rich in designers but research has convinced me that I will not easily find another with the same levels of professional excellence and responsibility, balanced judgment, flexibility and refined taste.

– Florence Waterman

I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Lamia Maalouf, ASID and MI Design, Inc. In August 2005 we experienced severe water and smoke damage to our business, a 3000 sq. ft. full service salon and day spa. I contacted MI Design, explained our urgency and requested a meeting as quickly as possible. Upon meeting with Lamia Maalouf, I was impressed with her professionalism, her understanding of our needs, time frame, and budget. She supplied me with a number of references, all offered excellent feedback. During our reconstruction, Lamia met every deadline, was available for every unforeseen emergency, and went the extra mile to help us complete our project on time so we could resume our business in a timely manner. She is very skilled, dedicated to her clients, she is a true professional. If you require additional information please feel free to contact me at barbara@cosmeticsdujour.com or +1(818)763-3911.

– Barbara Gauthier

The Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services at Loyola Marymount University contracted with MI Design, Inc. for a suite design and implementation in the summer of 2004. The project required a full design for the suite to include furniture, carpet, lighting, painting, and art work. We wanted the suite to be welcoming to our students, and in the same time maintain the flavor of the campus in general. Ms. Maalouf did an excellent job not only by providing our suite with great material, wonderful designs, and top quality finishes. She actually listened to our needs, helped us understand the process of putting the whole thing together, and was there to ensure the project was completed on target and within budget. Ms. Maalouf dedication to her clients is second to none. She is a very good project manager who is detail oriented, budget cautious, and time sensitive. Ms. Maalouf is very creative and professional. It is my pleasure to give Ms. Maalouf a letter of recommendation.

– Joseph Harbouk

I would like to provide a glowing reference for MI Design, Inc. I retained MI Design to address some design issues and functionality problems with my new home design for a construction project in Bellevue Washington (USA). While the project was residential in nature, at just over 7,000 square feet; it had many commercial qualities about it. MI Design came in and reviewed our plans, suggested methods to better utilize the space and in the end corrected all of our issues and concerns. I have subsequently finished construction and could not be happier with the results and the excellent and timely service I received from MI Design. They are the team I will use on my next project and I highly recommend them.

– Randy Ginn

I recently moved to Dakar, Senegal for a three year assignment with the World Bank and retained MI Design to design my new corporate residence at the Trilenium apartment building. The Trilenium is one, if not the most, high end apartment building in Dakar, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. In short, this 4 bedroom residence is the premier address in Dakar and will serve as an entertainment hub for senior government officials, NGOs, Embassy and other personalities. Based solely on pictures, video and a floor plan, MI Design was able to design, purchase, ship and deliver to my container in Washington, DC practically every aspect of the apartment, on time and on budget. It was a remarkable turnaround in less than 40 days. This involved not only the purchase of all the furniture, beddings, accessories, but also guidance on paint color, lighting, accents, paintings, mirrors and everything in between. MI Design’s Principal Interior Architect, Lamia Maalouf, created a high end contemporary space conducive to an open environment ideal for entertaining in an intimate setting, yet allows for an appreciation of the breathtaking ocean view. The apartment poses severe challenges, given the structural columns on the interior. Plans are underway to feature the apartment in various magazines once final touches are complete. What distinguishes MI Design from others is their high end European aesthetic, unprecedented knowledge of the best suppliers, scrupulous attention to details, and anticipating issues especially in a space they have never seen. The firm combines the efficiency of a large firm with the personal attention of a full time client. In sum, I would highly recommend MI Design for their ability to bid on any large commercial or residential project, and deliver a high end product on time, on budget, and with all the adjustments that go with the process. They are highly professional and a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to provide additional information upon reL-yrest. Please contact me at rhammad@worldbank.org

– Ronnie Hammad

Lamia, I just wanted to take the time and really thank you for design services with regards to our new 40,000 square foot class A Medical/Office building commercial development in Valencia, CA. All of the development partners are extremely happy with your services. We love your creativity, energy, enthusiasm and your desire to always be original and to create a really unique project that stands amongst the crowd. We also love the fact that you are extremely reliable and always on top of the ball. You do what you say, which is a rare find! You have brought efficiency and simplicity to our project and are a real pleasure to work with. Additionally, it is always nice when we create a budget and upon completion we are actually within that budget. We also noticed that you work very well and are a good communicator with other team members, which made the project run very smoothly in terms of management and coordination with others.
I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for designer services. You have done such a great job with our commercial building, that I would even consider using you to design our next home! Thanks again and I wish you the best in all of your future projects. Please keep in touch.

– Scott Crane

Loyola Marymount University contracted with MI Design, Inc. for several highly visible tenant improvement projects in the summer of 2005. Two projects worthy of mention: 1) School of Education: Dean’s office and immediate support space. 2) School of Film and Television: Communications Arts Building lobby and associated space as well as the Mayer Theater remodel. Both Projects required a high level of creative design and much attention to detail. Both also required first-hand interaction with the Deans of each school. Projects at LMU tend to be demanding given limited time to construct during our summer building period. The additional deliver time parameter is very real as students return to school late summer and the campus must be ready for occupancy without exception. Lamia Maalouf proposed quality materials and finishes as well as furniture that were within budget and met the agreed schedule. Lamia Brought a creative professional approach to the process. Both clients are quite happy with the end results. The projects have been viewed as successful.

– Mark Peacor

I have worked with Ms. Maalouf on several projects including a major remodel for an office building in Beverly Hills and a remodel for my residence in Los Angeles. Both Experiences working with MI Design on these projects have demonstrated an extremely high level of performance and management skills which when put together with the level of creativity possessed by Ms. Maalouf and her team made the experience exceptionally professional and simple. Furthermore, Lamia performed in a flexible fashion and could be very practical in whatever the task required of her. In conclusion, we would definitely reconsider retaining MI Design. As a matter of fact we are currently negotiating a multi-million dollar project with them. If you require additional information please feel free to contact me at atabibi@perks.com.

– Alexander A. Tabibi

It is my great pleasure to write the letter in support of Ms. Lamia Maalouf of MI Design Inc. Ms. Maalouf worked with us on our family-dining room remodeling project, which involved layout design, selecting furniture, lighting, accessories, and electronics equipment. During the process, Ms. Maalouf projected a high level of flexibility, responsiveness and professionalism. She was very keen on understanding our preferences, budget constraints and personal interests to come up with a design that best matches our lifestyle. Although we started the project with some initial ideas on what we want, Ms. Maalouf presented us with some creative alternatives that we eventually opted for. We are very pleased with the outcome, and recommend Ms. Maalouf for your project due to her professionalism, creativity, high standards and flexibility. We will not hesitate to seek her assistance again in our future projects. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about this letter (feel free to write to me at darwiche@cs.ucla.edu).

– Adnan Darwiche (for the Darwiche Family)

Loyola Marymount University continually strives to be become a better version of other universities. In doing so, we are committed to achieving a contemporary look and feel of our facilities through landscaping, design and tenant improvement. In the summer of 2005 we contracted with MI Design, Inc. for several important space projects. Lamia Maalouf was instrumental in the success of these projects by proposing materials and furniture that fit within the critical schedule path and budget. The tenants were very pleased with the finishes and the professional manner in which Lamia represented MI Design, Inc. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

– Rick Garcia, VP Facilities Management

We hired MI Design to review the architectural plans for a new house we were having built and advise on the bathrooms. Although we had an excellent architect, they were able to find a few key recommendations for changes that we now are very happy we made to the plans, the kinds of items we would not have thought of on our own and were absolutely critical. I highly recommend them.

– Ranwa Haddad

MI Design is professional, timely and dedicated to their clients. It was such a pleasure working with Lamia Maalouf. Her design sensibility is evident in her work and her professionalism. We worked with Lamia to create the perfect artwork to complete her client’s interior space. She has aesthetic vision and articulates the exact needs for her projects. It’s refreshing to work with a designer that understands the significance of art and the relationship to their design. Thank you Lamia, we look forward to seeing more from MI Design.

-Atelier Koko

Lamia Maalouf of MI Design is an outstanding professional in her field. She helped to literally lay the foundation of a significant remodel of my home through her firm’s structural design plans. Along the way she provided creative counsel, always taking into account my personal styling, while working in new design flourishes alongside the old. The old and new compliment each other beautifully.

– Renee Opell

Lamia Maalouf of MI Design Inc, combines architecture and design along with her immense knowledge of art and her global experience. She listens and caters to one’s special needs while facilitating the process to make the concept a final reality. Maalouf is punctual, worked within my budget and personally supervised the work. Her focus on details and quality is outstanding. She was always available for any questions. A true artist at heart, a professional and definitely a must to have for my next project.

– Wafa Hoballah