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Dakar | Senegal

This contemporary style home located in Dakar Senegal is inspired by an open floor plan which features amazing views of the aquatic hues of the Atlantic Ocean. The mix of midcentury modern furniture melds streamlined modernist forms with rich elements intended to capture and enhance the interplay of light and form.

The sharp lines of the recessed ceiling blend with the round columns to soften the features while drawing the eye to the splendid vista. The furniture, likewise, features squared furniture with rounded edges while further softening is achieved through the contrasting between the white walls, floors, chairs and couches with the darker tones used in the pillows, accessories and the soft leather chair and ottoman featuring black and rich reddish-brown tones which also accentuate the soft and warm wood disecting the polished marble floor.

This lovely home is an excellent example of how interior design can blend the interior and exterior while keeping form and function balanced to enhance the space’s natural features.

Furniture and Lighting supplied by Modani: www.modani.com