Which, where, when and most importantly, how much? These are the questions that guide furniture sourcing in Interior Design.

Which furniture should be specified based on the project’s style.

Where refers to the location of the vendor. Can it be a wooden bedframe from Italy or an office chair from a local showroom? Each may offer the best fit for the project but each will have its own delivery date and other related matters like warranties, insurance, return policy, etc..
When will we receive the furniture will relate to project’s completion and move-in date.

The cost always relates to the initial budget allocated for the project.

Once we have the furniture list itemized and approved by the client we then source the product from either the manufacturer or a vendor and work with them throughout the purchasing lifecycle, including bidding, negotiating, quotations and payment terms as well as final delivery and installation dates.

Some furniture may require to be bespoke. In this case we work with the designated manufacturer with the same approach.

What are the benefits of having furniture professionally sourced for Interior Design?

The key benefits are quality control, pricing and support. We work with each phase from sourcing to contracting up to delivery dates. Having us source the furniture and manage its process is far better than going direct. We are able to negotiate pricing and terms such as insurance and warranties or replacement or delivery benefits.

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