Purchasing is both an art and a science. As an interior design and decoration project may require any number of products from flooring to light fixtures, paint and wallcovering to home smart security systems or bedsheets.

Because our goal is to provide the highest-quality for the target budget purchasing is an excellent area to shine. Our design may incorporate a sink by a leading brand but where that sink is purchased from not only defines the cost but also the warranty, support, delivery time and more.

Other products require customization or may be entirely built from scratch to our specifications.
As the Administrators for the project, we are tasked with managing the purchasing phase with a special reason you would want us doing exactly that!

What does an Interior Design Purchaser do?

We research the product or material as well as the vendor to make sure that the specifications and quality are met. When necessary we even interview the vendor to see what type of customer service and support they offer.

We obtain quotations for an in-stock item, negotiate cost with discounts and manage the purchasing process until its delivery date including inspection for damage.

For more information about Purchasing or any other element of our pre-planning phase, contact us by email or at (818) 766-2376.